Penglai Huande Steel Valve CO., LTD.

Terms and Conditions

The products of Penglai Huande Steel Valve CO., LTD, when rightly selected, are designed to perform safely during their useful life. However, the buyer or user of our products should be aware that our products might be used in numerous applications under a wide variety of industrial service conditions. We can provide general guidelines but that doesn't mean we provide specific date and warnings for all possible applications.

The buyer or user must, therefore, assume the ultimate responsibility for the proper sizing and selection, installation, operation, and maintenance of Penglai Huande Steel Valve CO., LTD products. The user should read and understand how to apply our products, and train its employees and contractors in the safe use of our products in connection with the specific application.

For customers with established credit, terms are Net 30 days unless otherwise agreed.
If credit has not been established, payment plus estimated freight charges shall be expected upon placement of order.

In the event, that Buyer doesn't make full payment when due and Seller employs a collection agency to assist in the collection of the account, Buyer agrees to pay all of Seller's reasonable cost of collection, including collection agency fees, attorney fees, and court costs.

We aim to keep customers informed as to market changes however quotations are for prompt acceptance unless otherwise specified on the quotation and are subject to change without notice.

We estimate shipping dates as closely as practical, and we try to meet them; however under no circumstances shall we be responsible for failure to meet shipping dates, including any special freight or handling.

Claims for corrections or deductions must be made within ten days of receipt of material. All problems are subject to correction.

Orders regularly entered upon our books cannot be cancelled except with our consent, and upon terms that will indemnify us of loss.