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Advantages Of Ball Valve And Reduced Bore Ball Valve

Advantages of Ball Valve


1.  Fluid resistance is small, and the full-diameter ball valve has no flow resistance.


2.  It has simple structure, small volume and light weight.


3.  Close and reliable. It has two sealing surfaces, and the sealing surface material of the ball valve is widely used in a variety of plastics. It has good sealing performance and can achieve complete sealing. It has also been widely used in vacuum systems.


4.  Easy to operate, quick to open and close, from full to full switching as long as the rotation of 90 degrees, easy to control over long distances.


5.  Maintenance is convenient, the ball valve has simple structure, the sealing ring is generally movable, disassembly and replacement are more convenient.


6. When fully open or fully closed, the sealing surface of the sphere and seat is isolated from the medium. When the medium passes through, it will not cause the erosion of the sealing surface of the valve.


7. It can be used in a wide range of applications, ranging from small to several millimeters in diameter and from high vacuum to high pressure.


8. The ball valve can be used in the medium with suspended solid particles because of its wiping property in the opening and closing process.


Advantages of reduced bore ball valve


Although there is a great head loss when water flows through reduced bore ball valve, it is still energy-saving in general because it reduces the waste of water, makes the flow distribution of the system reasonable, and improves the layout and working conditions of the system. When the medium is steam, the pilot piston reduced bore ball valve or the pilot bellows reduced bore ball valve should be chosen. In order to facilitate operation, adjustment and maintenance, reduced bore ball valve should generally be installed in horizontal pipelines.

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