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Application Of Butt Weld Valve

There are three main connection modes of valves, flange connection, thread connection and butt weld valve.


Application of butt weld valve


In the case of larger nominal diameter, higher temperature and working conditions, groove butt welding is often used for valve body. At the same time, butt weld valve has original requirements and must select skilled welders to complete this work. Welded valves with nominal sizes less than 50 mm usually have welded sockets for piping at the loading plane end. Because socket welding forms a gap between the socket and the pipeline, it is possible to cause the gap to be corroded by some media. At the same time, the vibration of the pipeline will make the joint fatigue, so the use of socket welding is limited to a certain extent. Butt weld valve is suitable for various pressures and temperatures. It is more reliable than flange connection when used under higher load conditions. However, butt weld valve is difficult to disassemble and reinstall, so its use is limited to situations where it can normally operate reliably over a long period of time, or where the operating conditions are loaded and the temperature is high. Such as thermal power plants, nuclear power projects, ethylene projects on the pipeline.

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