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Introduction and Type of Check Valve Animation

The check valve animation is an automatic valve. It flows forward and closes in reverse flow. The valve is opened by the fluid pressure of the system and any flow reversal closes the valve. The exact operation will vary depending on the type of check valve mechanism. The most common types of check valves are swing, lift (piston and ball), butterfly, stop and swashplate.

Type of check valve animation:

Swing check valve animation
The basic swing check valve animation consists of a valve body, a valve cover and a disc that connects the hinges. The disk swings away from the valve seat to allow forward flow and returns to the valve seat when upstream flow stops to prevent back flow.

The disc in the rotary check valve is not guided when fully opened or closed. There are many disk and seat designs to choose from to meet the requirements of different applications.

The valve allows for completely unobstructed flow and automatically shuts off when pressure is reduced. When the flow reaches zero, these valves are completely closed to prevent backflow. The turbulence and pressure drop in the valve are very low.

Lift check valve animation
The valve seat design of the lift check valve animation is similar to the case where the shut-off valve disc is typically a piston or ball.

The lift check valve animation is especially suitable for high pressure applications with high flow rates. In the lift check valve, the valve disc is precisely guided and perfectly mounted in the damper. The lift check valve is suitable for installation in horizontal or vertical ducts and flows upwards.

The lift flow check valve animation must always be under the seat. When the flow enters, the piston or ball is guided from the seat under the pressure of upward flow. When the flow stops or reverses, the piston or ball is pushed to the valve seat by backflow and gravity.

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