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Daily Operation And Maintenance Of Valve Ball

Daily operation and maintenance of valve ball


In order to prolong the life of the valve, the following procedures should be followed to operate and maintain the valve in peacetime.


1.      Regular operation of the valve can prevent impurities from gathering on the surface of the seat or ball, as well as excessive wear and tear on the part of the seat inlay.


(1)    Opening and closing time requirements. Too fast valve switch will lead to excessive distortion load and damage of valve stem; too slow switch will lead to wear and tear of valve seat surface caused by medium erosion for a long time. Therefore, operation time should be kept within an appropriate range. According to experience, the valve switching time (seconds) control range, the lower limit can be nominal size (inches) of the valve. Half, the upper limit can be estimated by five times the nominal size (inch) of the valve.


(2)    When the valve is in operation, it is said that the valve ball should be fully open or fully closed, and should not be in a semi-open or semi-closed position in order to avoid seat damage.


2. Daily maintenance of valve seat chamber is the most easily polluted area of pipeline valves. In order to ensure the freedom of valve seat movement, the valve should be cleaned once a year, and the sealing of the valve should be checked regularly through the drain nozzle. The valve of auxiliary gas trunk line is seldom regulated. At least once a year, it should be switched on and injected with appropriate amount of grease to prevent ball and seat glue. The sub-grinding between the closing valve ball and the valve seat.

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