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The Introduction of Electric Ball Valve 12V

1. Product Overview

Electric ball valve 12v is a mineral intrinsically safe product. It has the characteristics of wide pressure range, no influence from sediment and sewage, large diameter, stable and reliable work, long service life and strong anti-interference ability. The electric ball valve has data acquisition. , control output, data transmission and other functions. It can be used in conjunction with various mine safety and production monitoring and control systems and a variety of sensors. It uses bus transmission control with less wiring. Its control is simple, convenient and flexible. It is mainly used for the opening and closing of dust-removing equipment in the mine underground, the returning wind tunnel, the returning wind tunnel, the parking lot and the coal bunker, and other occasions where it is necessary to control the opening or closing of the liquid or gas path.

2. Features

(1) It adopts an integrated design. The utility model has the advantages of small shape, convenient installation, simple operation, convenient maintenance and easy installation;

(2) Its essence is a safe design, suitable for use in any location, with higher security;

(3) It adopts IP65 protection grade and is suitable for use in more harsh environments;

(4) The electric ball valve has a backup power supply inside, which can realize the uninterrupted work of external power failure, and can effectively solve the problem that the power failure valve body cannot be closed;

(5) It adopts RS485 communication technology, and the maximum transmission distance can reach 2Km.
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