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How to Clean the Y Strainer Parts of the Fan Coil?

1. Close the chilled water in and out of the valve of the fan coil and open the exhaust valve and release the water of the fan coil.
The exhaust valve is effluent and is from large to small to no water. This indicates that the chilled water inlet and outlet valves are intact. You can continue to do the second step;
The exhaust valve does not have water, and the exhaust valve may be blocked. You can open the chilled water inlet valve and drain it with flushing water;
The exhaust valve is continuously discharged. This shows that it is possible that the valve is not closed. Tighten the chilled water inlet and outlet valves. After tightening the chilled water into and out of the valve, the water continues to flow. This indicates that the valve is broken and reported to the supervisor.

2. Cut the Y-type filter insulation layer, open the Y strainer parts screw cover and use the container to receive water to take out the filter.
Open the chilled water outlet valve and use the backwater pressure to backflush the heat sink coil dirt. Until the water is cleaned, close the water outlet valve, install the cleaned filter, and close the screw cap.

3. First open the chilled water inlet valve, exhaust the exhaust valve until the exhaust valve grows out of water, then tighten the exhaust valve bleed screw to open the chilled water outlet valve.

4. Check the connection points of each valve to see if there is any leakage.
If there is no leakage, immediately restore the Y-type filter insulation;
If there is leakage, repair or dispose of the leak and restore the Y strainer parts insulation layer.

5. Check the wind situation.
Check the condition of the coil motor to determine whether the motor speed is normal, whether the temperature is normal, and whether the sound is normal. An abnormality is immediately reported to the relevant personnel;
Check and clean the air filter and return air filter to ensure the filter is clean and the ventilation is smooth.

6. Check the discharge of condensate
Remove the dirt from the water tray and check the water outlet of the tray for blockage. Water in the water tray is the easiest to produce algae vitamins, block the water outlet and even the water outlet.
If algae is produced, be sure to wipe it off with a rag. If the condensate outlet pipe is blocked by a living organism, use a scrap metal textile hose and blow it through.
The installation of the water tray requires a low outlet end for drainage. If there is water, check the height of the outlet and adjust it. Report the person concerned if the adjustment is difficult or for other reasons.

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