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Imported Stainless Steel Ball Valve Structure

⑤Automatic pressure relief structure: When the liquid medium retained in the valve chamber is vaporized due to the increase of temperature and the pressure in the middle chamber is abnormally increased, the medium cavity medium can push the valve seat backwards to automatically depressurize by its own thrust, thereby ensuring the safety of the valve body.

⑥Auxiliary sealing structure: According to the needs of users, the valve seat of the stainless steel ball valve and the sealing part of the valve stem can be installed with a grease filling valve. When the sealing part is leaked due to scratches, the sealing grease is injected through the grease filling valve to provide a momentary sealing action.

⑦All-pass reduction structure: In order to meet the different needs of customers, stainless steel ball valves are available in two series of full diameter and reduced diameter. The inner diameter of the full-bore ball valve is the same as the inner diameter of the pipeline, which not only minimizes fluid resistance, but also facilitates pipeline cleaning. The fluid resistance of the reduced diameter ball valve is much lower than that of the same diameter shutoff valve, and the weight is about 30% lighter than the ball valve of the same diameter. This effectively reduces production costs and prices because it is gradually being used more widely.

⑧Stem anti-shooting and effective sealing structure: Stainless steel ball valve stem adopts bottom-loading type and is provided with inverted sealing structure with sealing gasket. The sealing force of the inverted seal increases as the pressure of the valve chamber medium increases, thereby ensuring the sealing effect of the valve stem. When the valve chamber is abnormally boosted, the valve stem will not be flushed out. The packing adopts a well-designed V-shaped structure, which can effectively convert the medium pressure inside the valve chamber and the locking force of the external gland into the sealing force of the valve stem.

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