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Imported stainless steel ball valve structure

1 Refractory structure of stainless steel ball valve: According to the needs of users, the ball valve can be designed as a refractory structure. When the seal is burnt in case of fire, the sealing parts of the ball valve can form a metal-to-metal hard seal structure, effectively preventing the diffusion of the medium and preventing the fire from expanding;

2 Anti-static structure: According to the needs of users, the ball valve can be designed as an anti-static structure. That is, a conductive spring is arranged between the ball and the valve stem, so that the static electricity generated by the valve during the opening process is introduced into the underground through the set static passage, to achieve the purpose of removing static electricity, avoiding electrostatic ignition and igniting the medium, and ensuring the system safety.

3 Anti-misoperation structure: For the valve installed in the field or to prevent misoperation by non-workers and in some occasions where the vibration is large and the handle is subject to impact and easy to malfunction, there is a locking hole in the fully open or fully closed position of stainless steel ball valve. Locking plays a role in safety insurance.

4 Ball valve buried structure: According to the user's needs, the stainless steel ball valve can be designed as a valve stem extension structure, suitable for the place where the pipeline is buried and installed.

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