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Common Shape Types of Check Valves

Check valves are widely used and practical. The types of check valves used in different fields or sites will also be different. Choosing shape-matched check valves can play a practical role in use. Check valve manufacturers with guaranteed quality say that the shape of the check valve is also set according to the discharge of different media. Through the following to understand the common types of shape of the check valve:

    1: Ball Check Valve
    Ball check valves are often used in water or steam, oil or nitric acid and other media. Because it is made of carbon steel or bronze, it has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, can withstand a variety of corrosive media for mobile use, whether cold water or hot water or domestic sewage can choose different paths for installation and use.
    2: Horizontal check valve
Horizontal check valves in use can be divided into lifting type, swing type and butterfly type according to different structures. Horizontal check valves, also known as check valves, can prevent medium backflow in pipelines and are often used in high temperature media or water and oil products.
3:Y Check Valve
As the name suggests, the Y-type check valve is similar to the letter "Y" in appearance. Y-type check valve not only has good sealing performance but also high temperature and wear resistance. It has long service life and can be used in medium with higher temperature. Moreover, its driving mode is various. It can be operated not only by manual pneumatic, but also by hydraulic and electric means. Because of the unique performance characteristics of Y-type check valves, they are often used in pipelines of petroleum, chemical or pharmaceutical industries.

These are the three common types of check valve shapes introduced to you. I hope that they can help you in the actual installation and selection. If you want the product to meet the use function and have a stable after-sales guarantee, you can know "which Check Valve manufacturer is trustworthy" to buy the product from a reliable manufacturer. It can not only be customized according to the use site, but also provide stable and reliable functional use.

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