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Global Ball Valves Market

The Global Ball Valves Market accounted for $12 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $13.98 billion by 2023 growing at a CAGR of 3.1% during the forecast period.

Ball Valves are used in various end users segments such as oil and gas, aerospace and defense and other industries. This market is categorized by many manufacturers and several regional players owing to its heavy competition in the market. The growth of the market is propelled by increasing demand for process safety, rise in energy consumption, process plant renovation and growing modern industries in the Middle East region. However, delay of the mining industry in APAC, Latin America, and Africa is creating a negative impact in the market.

Materials Covered:
Stainless Steel
Cast Iron
Other Materials

Sizes Covered:
Ball Valves of Size- 50 and Above
Ball Valves of Size- 25 to 50
Ball Valves of Size -6 to 25"
Ball Valves of Size- 1-6
Ball Valves of Size- Up to 1

Types Covered:
Floating Ball Valves

End Users Covered:
Building and Construction
Food & Beverage
Energy & Power
Oil & Gas
Water & Wastewater
Aerospace & Defense
Other End Users
Companies Mentioned
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