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Good News To All Of Huande People And Customers

Recently our enterprise bought some new machines to produce valve caps and body. Witch allows workers produce products with almost zero detects and greatly improve the working efficiency.

valve delivery machine

Company News

Company News

automatic valve machine

The machine consists of valve delivery machine, valve control machine, valve inspection machine, automatic valve machine and PLC control system. It is transported by pipeline, compressed air is used to power the valve to the predetermined position, and the valve is automatically released and sucked on the tank mouth to increase the quality of the seal. The machine has the following functions: 1. Automatically detect the inner gasket of the valve cup, and automatically remove the valve cover without inner gasket. 2. The tank without the valve cover does not move, no tank does not cover. 3. There are less than 4 tanks before entering the tank or After the cans are discharged, the conveyor line is full and the machine will automatically stop working.

We are trying to improve our quality and efficiency to meet the requirement of our clients. We are confident with new technology and hardworking workers our productivity will be greatly improved.

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