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Introduction to Installation Procedures of Flange Ball Valve

There are also many factories in industry that choose to use flanged ball valves. How do Flanged Ball Valves be installed? Today we will introduce to you the installation steps of flange ball valves, you can listen carefully!

Introduction to installation procedures of flange ball valve
Inspection of ball valve before installation
1. To ensure that the installation position of the ball valve pipeline in the coaxial position, the two flanges on the pipeline should be kept parallel, confirm that the pipeline can bear the weight of the ball valve itself, if it is found that the pipeline can not bear the weight of the ball valve, it is necessary to install a support or fixture in the pipeline first.
2. To check whether there are impurities and welding slag in the pipeline, it is necessary to clean the pipeline and the interface.
3. Ball valve is operated several times in full-open and full-closed mode to confirm that the ball valve can work properly, and then check all the details of the valve once more to ensure that the valve is intact. 
4. Remove the protective caps at both ends of the valve, check whether the valve body is clean, and clean the inside of the valve body. Because the sealing surface of the ball valve is spherical, even small debris may cause damage to the sealing surface.
Installation of ball valve
1. Any section of the ball valve can be installed at the upstream end, and the handle ball valve can be installed at any position in the pipeline. If it is a turbine ball valve, pneumatic ball valve, electric ball valve, to consider enough space, it must be installed vertically, the valve inlet and outlet is in a horizontal position.
2. Sealing gasket should be installed between ball valve flange and pipeline flange according to pipeline design requirements. Bolts on flange should be tightened symmetrically, successively and evenly.
3. If the ball valve adopts pneumatic and electric actuators, complete the installation of air source and power source according to the instructions.
Inspection of ball valve after installation
1. After installation, start the ball valve open and close several times. It should be flexible, uniform in force, and the ball valve works normally.
2. According to the requirement of pipeline pressure design, the sealing performance of the joint of ball valve and pipeline flange is tested after the pressure is turned on.
3. After all checks and confirmations are completed, the ball valve can enter the working state.

Maintenance steps of flanged ball valves

1. Only by removing the pressure before and after the ball valve can the ball valve be disassembled and decomposed.
2. In the process of decomposition and reassembly of ball valves, it is necessary to protect the sealing parts, especially the non-metallic parts, such as O-rings, with special tools.
3. Bolts must be tightened symmetrically, step by step and evenly when the ball valve body is reassembled.
4. Cleaning agent should be compatible with rubber parts, plastic parts, metal parts and working media (e.g. gas) in ball valves.
When the working medium is gas, the metal parts can be cleaned with gasoline (GB484-89). Non-metallic parts are cleaned with pure water or alcohol.

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