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Selection Principles and Common Structural Forms of Ball Valve buttweld

Selection Principles and Common Structural Forms of Ball Valve buttweld


Ball valve buttweld is not only simple in structure and good in sealing performance, but also small in size, light in weight, less in material consumption, small in installation size, small in driving moment, simple in operation and easy to realize quick opening and closing. It is one of the fastest growing valve varieties in recent decades.


1.  The main pipeline for oil and natural gas transportation needs to be cleaned and buried underground. The ball valve butt weld with full-diameter and full-welded structure is selected; the ball valve butt weld with full-diameter welding connection or flange connection is selected for buried pipeline; the branch pipe is selected with flange connection, welding connection, full-diameter or flange connection. 


2.  The flanged ball valve buttweld is selected for the transportation pipeline and storage equipment of the product oil.


3.  Floating ball valve buttweld with flange connection and internal thread connection is selected in the pipeline of city gas and natural gas.


4.   In the oxygen pipeline system of metallurgical system, strict removal should be selected.


5.   Low temperature ball valve buttweld with valve cover should be selected for pipeline system and installation of cryogenic medium.


6.   The lifting rod ball valve buttweld can be used in the pipeline system of the catalytic cracking unit of the refinery unit.


7.   In the equipment and piping system of corrosive medium such as acid and alkali in chemical system, austenitic stainless steel and PTFE are suitable to be used as all-stainless steel ball valve buttweld for seat sealing ring.


8.  Metal-to-metal sealed ball valve buttweld can be used in pipeline systems or installations of metallurgical systems, power systems, petrochemical plants and high-temperature media in urban heating systems.


9. When flow regulation is needed, adjustable ball valve buttweld with V-shaped opening driven by worm wheel and worm, pneumatic or electric can be selected.

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