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The Function of Thread Ball Valve

The Function of Thread Ball Valve:
1.The fluid resistance is small, and its drag coefficient is equal to the length of the same length.
2. It has a simple structure, small size, lightweight.
3. It is closed and reliable, the current ball valve sealing surface materials are widely used in plastics. It has good sealing properties, and it is widely used in vacuum systems.
4. It is easy for customers to operate, fast opening and closing, as long as the rotation from 90 degrees from fully open to fully closed, it can be easy remote controlled.
5. Easy maintenance, the ball valve structure is simple, the seal ring is generally active, removal and replacement are more convenient.
6. When fully open or fully closed, the sealing surfaces of the ball body and the valve seat are isolated from the medium. When the medium passes through, the sealing surface of the valve will not be eroded.
7. A wide range of applications, from small to several millimetres in diameter, up to a few meters in size, from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied. When the ball is rotated 90 degrees, all the spheres at the entrance and exit should be spherical, thus cutting off the flow.
Our 2 piece internal ball valves are produced by the craftwork of wax injection and de-wax. In every process, our products are checked by trained employees so that we can guarantee the good quality of our products. Usually, we use the material of CF8M, CF8, WCB, 304 to produce 2 pc internal ball valves. The Size is from DN8 to DN50. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, railway, water treatment, steel, metallurgy and other industries. The operating processes are as follows:
Open process:
In the closed position, the ball is pressed by the valve stem and pressed against the valve seat. When the handwheel is turned counterclockwise, the valve stem moves in the opposite direction, and its bottom angular plane disengages the ball from the valve seat. The stem continues to lift and interacts with the guide pin in the spiral groove of the stem, causing the ball to begin rotating without friction. Until the fully open position, the stem is raised to the extreme position and the sphere is rotated to the fully open position.
Close process:
As the handwheel continues to rotate, the valve stem is acted upon by a guide pin embedded in the helical groove thereof, causing the valve stem and the ball to rotate by 90° at the same time. When closed, rotate the handwheel clockwise and the stem begins to lower and the ball moves away from the seat. When it is about to close, the ball has rotated 90° without contact with the valve seat. For the last few turns of the handwheel, the angular plane at the bottom of the valve stem is mechanically wedged against the ball so that it presses tightly against the valve seat and is completely sealed.
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