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The Manufacturer of Industrial Ball Valve Tells you the Matters needing Attention in Choosing and Pu

When choosing ball valves, we must be careful to avoid leakage and other serious damage to the floor. When choosing and purchasing ball valves, the service life and work adaptability of ball valves should be considered. Especially for factories, caution should be taken when purchasing ball valves in large quantities. Next, I'll tell you a few points for attention in choosing and purchasing ball valves.

First, pay attention to the material quality (high quality stainless steel is the best)
Reminder: When purchasing ball valves, it is best to choose stainless steel ball valves. In order to ensure the safety of the ball valve, the purity of the material will directly affect the safety of the work. The ball valve with high production standard, high quality raw materials, high hardness and strong quality guarantee should be selected.
Second, attention to corrosion (corrosion poor valve, its life is very short)
Because the ball valve has long been in contact with moisture or water sources, it reminds you to pay attention to its anti-corrosion function when purchasing. Even stainless steel valve body, attention should be paid to whether the outer coating is coated with anti-corrosion materials to avoid being corroded by other chemicals.
Third, pay attention to whether there will be secondary pollution.
In particular, remind you: when choosing and purchasing ball valves, we should pay attention to whether the valve body will release toxic and harmful substances, and we must choose healthy and environmentally friendly valves. In addition, we should pay attention to whether the surface material will fade, and many higher specifications require the valve to maintain the surface gloss for a long time, so we should choose the ball valve with strong durability.
Fourth, pay attention to the high temperature resistance

It is suggested that when purchasing a ball valve, attention should also be paid to whether it has high temperature resistance, such as whether steam or heat conducting oil will cause permanent damage to the valve body, which is also an important way to identify the quality of the valve.
Through the above introduction, we can see that when choosing and purchasing ball valves, we should pay special attention to the anti-corrosion and high temperature performance of ball valves. In addition, we should also consider whether it has a certain compressive capacity. The better the process, the stronger the compressive capacity of the valve, and the longer the service life. Especially in areas where the use environment is bad, we should be more cautious in choosing and purchasing.

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