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Two Piece Threaded Connection Ball Valve

There are many kinds of ball valves, which are divided into one piece, two pieces and three pieces according to the structure. There are two types of straight and three-way circulation, and the three-way circulation can be divided into l-type three-way circulation and t-type three-way circulation. According to the connection mode, there are flange type, internal thread type, external thread type, lap welding connection and butt welding connection. According to the drive mode, there are handle drive, worm drive, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric drive. According to the material it can be divided into cast steel and stainless steel. Two-piece threaded connection ball valve: valve body with internal or external threads and threaded with the pipe.
The so-called one-piece, two-piece, three-piece ball valve refers to that the valve body is composed of one part, two parts or three parts. The 2-disc straight through ball valve with screw connection is composed of valve body, joint, ball, stem, seat, handle, etc. Screw thread may be specified as CB*56-83, CB*822-84 or as specified by the buyer, or by flanged connection. The two - piece/2 ball valve is fixed by two - piece body clamping the ball.
Ball valve can be used in fresh water, sea water, oil, gas and steam pipelines. Ball valves with threaded connections have a nominal pressure of 6.4mpa ~32.0MPa, a nominal size of 10mm ~32mm, and a threaded size of M2731.5~M5632. Ball valves with flange connection have a nominal pressure of 20.0 MPa with nominal sizes of 40 mm, 50 mm and 80mm. The ball valve has a circular hole in the middle of the sphere, and the handle is rotated at 90 degrees to fully open or close. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, small flow resistance, good sealing performance, convenient operation, quick opening and closing, and easy maintenance. Its disadvantage is that it is difficult to open and close at high temperature, and the water hammer is serious and easy to wear.
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