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Where can Different Types of Check Valves be Used?

Here we provide you with a variety of different types of different materials, as well as different specifications of check valves. These check valves can play an important safety role in a variety of equipment. But because there are so many types of check valves, the specific functions of each check valve are really different. Next, a full range of check valve manufacturers to introduce you where different check valves should be applied.
1. Swing Check Valve
The swing check valve manufactured by the manufacturer is a disc-shaped disc, which has much less flow resistance than the lifting check valve. Usually, the swing check valve is installed in the place where the flow rate is relatively low. In addition, this type of check valve can also be installed in large bore locations where flow changes are infrequent.
2. Lifting Check Valve
Lift check valve is a type of check valve whose disc can slide along the vertical line of the center of the valve body. Lifting check valves manufactured by manufacturers are generally installed on horizontal pipes. If the pressure is large and the caliber is small, the ball can be used on the disc of the lift check valve to increase the drag coefficient of the fluid.
3. Quiet Check Valve
The silent check valve manufactured by the manufacturer has a guide sleeve in the upper part of the disc and the lower part of the cover. The guide cylinder of the valve disc can rise and fall freely in the guide cylinder of the valve cover. If the gas or liquid in the pipe flows downstream, then the gas or liquid can push the disc open. When the gas or liquid is no longer flowing, the disc will automatically fall on the valve seat. The liquid or gas in the pipeline will not flow backwards and can be installed in various industrial pipelines.

Here we introduce the different types of check valves can be installed and used in places. Because there are so many types of check valves, we just choose several more commonly used types to introduce them to you. If you want to know more about the application of check valves, you can go directly to the Huande valve to understand.

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