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Notes for Reducbore Valve

1) The type of reduced bore valve should be selected according to the working conditions and specific requirements of the hydraulic system. It should be noted that the changing trend of the opening and closing characteristics of reduced bore valve is opposite to that of relief valve (i.e. the secondary pressure decreases with the increase of flow through reduced bore valve).

In addition, it should be noted that reduced bore valve has more oil leakage than other control valves, and oil always flows out of the guide valve (sometimes up to 1L/min), thus affecting the selection of hydraulic pump capacity.


2) Correct use of reduced bore valve connection mode, correct selection of connectors (installation of floor or pipe joints), and pay attention to the sealing of the connection; each oil outlet of the valve should be correctly connected to the system, and the external oil outlet must be directly connected back to the tank.


3) Rational pressure and flow (path) specifications of reduced bore valve are selected reasonably according to the working pressure and flow rate of the system.


4) Secondary pressure should be determined and adjusted according to the use and function of reduced bore value in the system. Attention must be paid to the relationship between reduced bore value setting pressure and actuator load pressure. The secondary pressure setting value of the main reduced bore valve shall be higher than that of the remote pressure regulating valve. The regulating range of secondary pressure depends on the flow rate of the regulating spring and valve used. The minimum regulating pressure should ensure that the difference between primary and secondary pressure is 0.3~lMPa.


5) When adjusting the pressure, attention should be paid to adjusting the pressure regulating mechanism in the correct direction of rotation, and the locking nut should be fixed at the end of adjusting the pressure.


6) If multi-stage decompression control of the system is needed through the pilot reduced bore valve remote control port, the screw plug of the remote control port should be screwed down and connected to the control oil circuit; otherwise, the remote control port should be sealed tightly.


7) The return port of unloading relief valve should be directly connected to the tank to reduce back pressure.

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