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Notices for Installation and Maintenance of Electronic 3 Way Valve Ball

1) Motor housing shall prevent dripping water from penetrating. When 3 way valve ball installs in the horizontal pipeline, the angle between the installation position and the plane does not exceed 85 degrees. When the 3 way valve ball is mounted on a vertical pipe, the motor housing must prevent dripping water from penetrating.

2) It should move slowly when we toggle the manual lever. When the manual lever moves slowly along the arrow and sticks in the slot, the valve of 3 way valve ball is always in the open state. Whenever the current first passes through the electric valve, the manual lever will be set to the automatic position again.

3) When installing electronic 3 way valve ball, we should not give the power to the valve stem , otherwise it will do harm to the driver.

4) When unloading the valve body and installing, the stem must not be applied force, otherwise the stem will be damaged so as to happen the leakage.

5) If the door of the 3 way valve ball is leaking, the fluid should be exhausted or isolated from the system, and check whether it is necessary to change the spool assembly.

6) If the driver does not work, the whole driver should be replaced.

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