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Selection of Check Valve

The valve type selection of check valve shall be determined according to the installation location of check valve, the water pressure in front of the valve, the sealing performance requirements after closing and the size of water hammer caused by closing, and shall meet the following requirements:

1.Where the water pressure in front of the valve is small, swing type, ball type and shuttle type check valve should be selected.

2. The check valve of the closed spring should be selected for the parts whose sealing performance is strictly required after closing.

3. In order to weaken the position of closing water hammer, it is advisable to choose fast-closing silencing check valve or slow-closing check valve with damper.

4. The valve disc or spool of check valve should be able to close by itself under the action of gravity or spring force.

5. Minimum pressure of pipe network or lowest water level of water tank should be able to automatically open check valve.

6. When the inlet and outlet water of water tank and water tower are the same pipeline, it is not appropriate to choose swing type or lifting type with large vibration.

Notes for check valve

1.Don't let check valve bear weight in the pipeline system. Large check valve should be supported independently so that it is not affected by the pressure generated by the pipeline system.

2. Attention should be paid to the direction of medium flow during installation in accordance with the direction of arrow marked on the valve body.

3. The lifting vertical valve check valve should be installed in the vertical pipe.

4. The lifting horizontal valve check valve should be installed in the horizontal pipeline.

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