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The Use and Future Development of Theaded Steel Ball

The Use and Future Development of Theaded Steel Ball


Threaded steel ball is widely used in building, bridge, road and other civil engineering construction. From highways, railways, bridges, culverts, tunnels, flood control, dams and other public facilities, to the foundation, beams, columns, walls and slabs of buildings, threaded steel balls are indispensable structural materials.


With the deepening of urbanization in China, there is a strong demand for threaded steel ball in infrastructure construction and the vigorous development of real estate. Reinforced concrete structure is still the main structure form of our country's architecture in the present and future quite a long time. Therefore, it can be expected that the demand and output of threaded steel ball will remain at a high level.


According to statistics, the steel consumption of construction industry in China accounts for about 50% of the total steel consumption. As one of the industries with large resource consumption, in order to achieve sustainable development, it is necessary to adjust the consumption structure of building materials, vigorously apply high-strength steel bar and high-performance concrete, and take the path of economical development. If the steel bar and concrete used at present can be raised to a strength level, it will bring huge savings to the society.

According to the calculation, if the strength of reinforcing bar under the dominant force of reinforced concrete can be increased to 400-500N/mm2 in accordance with the requirements of the code, it can save about 10% of the current steel consumption level.

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