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We can provide precision casting stainless fittings for u according you ask. Usually, we use the material of 304, 316, 105psi for producing the pipe fittings. But we can also use the other material according to the requirement of our clients. The price is satisfying and there is no need for u to be worried about the quality. If u have any question, please feel free to contact me anytime. The fittings include Tee, Reducing Tee, Elbow FF, Street Elbow FW,  Elbow FF, Socket Manded, Couping O.D. Machined, Cross, Unions Conical F/F, Union conical M/F, Unions cone M/F, Hexagon Nipple, Reducing Hexagon Nipple, Hexagon Bushing, Reducing Socket Banded, Square Plug, Hexagon Nut, Hexagon Cap, Stud End, Hose Nipple, Hexagon nut, Running nipple. 

The details are as follows:
valve pipe Fittings

valve pipe Fittings

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