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Valves are the control components in fluid delivery systems that have functions such as shut-off, regulation, diversion, backflow prevention, regulation, shunting or overflow relief.

Penglai Huande Steel Valve Co., Ltd is a veteran of producing stainless steel floating ball valve. Our products are widely exported in all over the world. We are proud of becoming domestic valve production backbone enterprises and we have been able to design and manufacture various valves according to ISO international standards, DIN German standards, ANSI American standards and other international standards. Some manufacturers' products have reached the international advanced level.

  • Ball Valve

    We export precision casting floating ball valves made by stainless steel and carbon steel. As we all know, we use the wax injection and de-wax craftwork to ensure the operation principle of ball valve...

  • Check Valve

    SWING CHECK VALVEPenglai Huande Steel Valve Co.,Ltd exports swing check valves and the benefits of our swing check valves are as follows:1. Our swing check valves protect pumps and compressor equipmen...

  • Gate Valve

    Penglai Huande Steel Valve Co.,Ltd exports API 598 Precision casting stainless steel gate valve. Customers can open our gate valves by lifting a round or rectangular gate/wedge out of the path of the ...

  • Globe Valve

    Our globe valve can be used to throttle flow control. Shut off is accomplished by moving the disc against the flow stream rather than across it as in the case with a gate valve. The flow pattern throu...

  • Strainer

    Pengai Huande Steel valve Co.,Ltd mainly export Y-type strainer.In Y-type strainer the filter leg connects to the main pipe at a diagonal angle, giving the strainer its “y” shape, and hence its name...

Our products are extensively used in many areas. For example, in power plants, valves can control the operation of boilers and steam turbines; in petroleum and chemical production, valves also control the normal operation of all production equipment and processes. The same is true in other departments. Despite this, valves are often overlooked compared to other products. For example, when installing machinery and equipment, people tend to focus on the main machinery and equipment, but ignore the valve. This will reduce overall production efficiency or stop production, or cause other accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out serious and responsible work on the selection, installation and use of the valve.

Market analysts believe that the development trend of valves will be the main topic of the market for quite some time. Future models will tend to develop in the following areas.

First, develop hydraulic control valves with excellent performance, such as hydraulic control valves with large discharge, high sensitivity, corrosion resistance, friction resistance and zero leakage, and develop hydraulic control valves with integrated technology, electronic computer technology and high level of monitoring technology. A product with good feasibility, high safety and good comfort.

Secondly, the development of high-performance large-scale regulating valves to meet the needs of major engineering projects in China, the development of micro-regulation valves to meet the needs of narrow operations such as trenching and trenching, and development to adapt to power stations, oil, coal, water conservancy, New varieties of regulating valves required for all aspects of farmland and urban construction; development of intelligent electric regulating valves that can monitor, control and improve the working conditions of operators in various working conditions of regulating valves. Promising products are: large and medium-sized intelligent electric control valve, miniature intelligent electric control valve, remote control intelligent electric control valve.