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2 Piece Reduced Bore Internal Threaded Ball Valve

2 Piece Reduced Bore Internal Threaded Ball Valve
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Threaded.ends: ANSI.B2.1.BS.







2 Piece Reduced Bore Internal Threaded Ball Valve
Penglai Huande Steel Valve CO.,LTD can provide you with precision casting stainless steel ball valve. Here is our 3 pieces internal threaded reduce bore valve. Please allow me to introduce the installation and structure of our products for you.

Installation and maintenance of 2 Piece Reduced Bore Internal Threaded Ball Valve:

The installation and maintenance of three-piece internal thread reduce bore ball valve should pay attention to the following matters:

1. Leave the valve stem in a rotated position.
2. Cannot be used for throttling.
3. The ball valve with transmission shall be installed upright.

Structural features of 2 Piece Reduced Bore Internal Threaded Ball Valve:

1. open and close without friction.  This function completely solves the problem that the traditional valve affects the seal due to the mutual friction between the sealing surfaces.
2. Top-mounted structure. The valve installed on the pipeline can be directly checked and maintained online, which can effectively reduce the parking of the equipment and reduce the cost.
3. Sealing surface self-cleaning structure.  When the ball is tilted away from the valve seat, the fluid in the pipeline passes through 360° along the sealing surface of the ball, which not only eliminates the erosion of the valve seat by high-speed fluid, but also removes the accumulated material on the sealing surface to achieve the purpose of self-cleaning.

Size of 2 Piece Reduced Bore Internal Threaded Ball Valve:

Size Φd L H w
1/4 9.53 54 44 110
3/8 9.53 54 44 110
1/2 12.7 62 49 110
3/4 17.53 72 58 150
1 22.35 86 61 150
1-1/4 25.4 92 70 168
1-1/2 31.75 102 75 186
2 38.1 118 82 186

Specification of 2 Piece Reduced Bore Internal Threaded Ball Valve:

No. Drawing.No. Name Material QYT
1 V2A-000l Body CF8M 1
2 V2A-0002 Cap CF8M 1
3 V2A-0003 Ball CF8M 1
4 V2A-0004 Stem 316 1
5 V2A-0005 Seat PTFE+15%GF 2
6 V2A-0006 Gasket PTFE 1
7 V2A-0007 Thrust.washer PTFE 1
8 V2A-0008 Stem.packing PTFE 2
9 V2A-0009 Gland 304 1
10 V2A-0010 Spring.washer 304 1
11 V2A-0011 Nut 304 1
12 V2A-0012 Handle 304 1
13 V2A-0013 Handle.Sleeve Rubber 1
14 V2A-0014 Locker 304 1

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