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3 Piece Butt Welded Ball Valve

3 Piece Butt Welded Ball Valve
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Material:.CF8M.CF8.CF3M. WCB





Welcome to our homepage. We are the Penglai huande steel valve Co.,Ltd who are willing to provide you with high-quality precision casting stainless steel ball valves. This is our 3PC butt welding ball valve with a high platform. This kind of product is our best seller in the European market and American market. According to the ISO5211 and CE certificate, we built up our wax injection and de-wax craftwork level. As a result, our three-piece butt welding ball valve with a high platform is equipped with a ball closing member, and the ball rotates around the centerline of the valve body to achieve a valve that opens and closes. The fluid resistance is small, and its drag coefficient is equal to the length of the same length. And it has a simple structure, small size, lightweight. It is compact and reliable. At present, the sealing surface material of the ball valve is widely used with plastics and has good sealing performance. It has also been widely used in vacuum systems. When fully open or fully closed, the sealing surfaces of the ball body and the valve seat are isolated from the medium. When the medium passes through, the sealing surface of the valve will not be eroded. The seat sealing performance of our 3PC butt welding high platform ball valve is good, it also uses a seal ring made of elastic material such as PTFE, the structure of this product is easy to seal, and the valve sealing capacity of the ball valve increases with the increase of the medium pressure. In addition, is has the anti-static function: Set the spring between the ball, valve stem and valve body to export the static electricity generated during the switching process. If you are interested in our 3pc butt welding high platform ball valve, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Size of 3 piece butt welded ball valve:

Φd 11 12.7 15 20 25 32 40 50 65 80 100
L 47.6 47.6 55 73.6 81 91 103 120 155 182 228.4
Ll 112 112 112 138 138 160 205 205 252 252 324
H 61 61 62 70 74 86 92 99 147 158 172
B 11 11 12 11 11 15 15 15 20 20 20
ISO5211 F03 F03-F04 F04-F05 F05-F07 F07-F10

Specification of 3 piece butt welded ball valve:

No. Drawing.No. Name Material QYT
1 V3M-0001 Body CF8M 1
2 V3MB-0002 Cap CF8M 2
3 V3M-0003 Ball CF8M 1
4 V3M-0004 Stem 316 1
5 V3M-0005 Seat PTFE+3%.GF 2
6 V3M-0006 Thrust.washer PTFE+15%.Graphite 1
7 V3M-0007 Gasket PTFE+15%.Graphite 2
8 V3M-0008 Bolt 304 4
9 V3M-0009 Nut 304 4
10 V3M-0010 Spring.washer 304 4
11 V3M-0011 O.ring Viton 1
12 V3M-0012 Stem.packing PTFE 1
13 V3M-0013 Gland 304 1
14 V3M-0014 Butterfly.washer 301 2
15 V3M-0015 Lock.wahser 304 1
16 V3M-0016 Square.washer 304 1
17 V3M-0017 Handle 304 1
18 V3M-0018 Flat.ring 304 1
19 V3M-0019 Nut 304 2
20 V3M-0020 Handle.sleeve Rubber 1
21 V3M-0021 Bolt 304 1
22 V3M-0022 Nut 304 1
23 V3M-0023 Spring.washer 304 1
24 V3M-0024 Locker 304 1

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