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Internal Threaded Ball Valve

These are internal thread ball valve, they can be divided into 1 piece, 2 pieces, 3 pieces ball valve, heavy type ball valve, high platform ball valve, reduced bore ball valve.
About the 1 piece, the two parts which enclose the ball are pressed or welded. The valves cannot be opened for cleaning or maintenance. This type is generally used for low-demanding applications.

As for the 2 piece, it can be produced for cleaning, servicing and inspection. Often, the parts are connected via a threaded connection. The valve must be completely removed from the pipe in order to separate the two parts.

And the 3 piece, it has been known that man expensive valves are the 3 pieces. The parts are generally clamped together by bolt connections. The advantage of this embodiment is that the valve can be serviced without removing the entire valve from the pipeline.
High platform ball valve is a new type of ball valve, we can produce any kind of high platform ball valve according to the requirement of our customers.

Reduced bore, most ball valves have a reduced bore. In this way, the ball valve introduces friction losses in the system. These losses are still relatively small compared to other types of valves. 

Full bore, Full bore valves have the same bore diameter as the pipe. The advantage is that there are no extra friction losses and that the system is mechanically easier to clean (pigging). The downside is that the ball and the housing are bigger than a standard ball valve with a reduced bore.